Hairong Haihui’s 32nd "Quality Brand, Safety and Environmental Protection Month" Mobilization Conference was successfully held


In the complex and severe domestic and international situation and the critical period of the "14th Five-Year Plan", in response to the group's call to continuously improve the quality and brand, safety and environmental protection management level, on March 1, the 32nd "Sichuan Hairong Haihui" “Quality Brand·Safety and Environmental Protection Month” mobilization meeting was held simultaneously in Hairong, Haihui and Jinrong. The company’s general manager Xuan Wei, deputy general managers Cao Yihai and Yuan Jiang, as well as the heads, supervisors and key employees of various functional departments totaled More than 140 people attended the meeting.

The theme of this event is "High-standard leading, high-quality development". It aims to implement the spirit of the instructions of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and all levels of party committees and governments, and pay close attention to quality, brand, safety, and environmental protection. Enhance the sense of crisis, urgency and responsibility of all employees, continue to improve quality, brand, safety, and environmental protection awareness, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere. Discover, analyze and solve practical problems in the development process, promote the completion of various tasks of the group, and promote the high-quality development of the group.

The meeting announced and implemented the quality brand safety and environmental protection month activity plan, expounding in detail the theme, purpose and main activity arrangement of the activity. The Quality Management Department and the SHE Department respectively explained in detail the activities of the quality brand and safety and environmental protection modules. Subsequently, Cao Yihai, the deputy general manager of the large-scale production system, made a statement on the development of the quality security month activity. Xuan Wei, general manager of the company, made a concluding remarks on this quality security month event.

Zhang Tian, Director of Hairong’s Quality Management Department, analyzed the current drug production quality supervision regulations, policies and situation, and called on all employees to continue to strictly implement the Drug Administration Law, GMP regulations and supporting regulations, strengthen the management of the production inspection process, and ensure that the market is on the market. Each 1 tablet/capsule/bag/bottle/bottle of the drug complies with the regulations and meets the standard requirements during the shelf life. Zhang Tian introduced that the quality brand module of this Quality Safety Month will focus on product research review and competition, quality standard management, implementation of the chief quality officer system, lean management throughout the production process, and improvement of data integrity. Other non-production quality departments should also be oriented towards solving practical problems, and in response to the latest policies, regulations, and shortcomings and weaknesses in the management process, formulate and improve rectification plans to achieve legal compliance, political accuracy, and business smoothness. Encourage all departments to organize various knowledge contests, skills contests and other activities based on improving the skills of all employees and solving practical problems, so as to promote the overall improvement of the quality and brand management level.

The Minister of Safety and Environmental Protection Qian Xiaojian gave a detailed explanation of the work arrangements of the safety and environmental module based on the current safety and environmental policy situation. He said that during the quality and safety month, we must follow the pace of the policy and actively carry out warning education and professionalism in safety and environmental protection. Training; focus on the special promotion of waste gas treatment and the improvement of the operation and management of the "Pollution Discharge Permit"; the second-stage improvement of the dual prevention mechanism for safety management and the inspection and repair of the vacancy of the overall safety and environmental responsibility system. Minister Qian emphasized that all departments must integrate the requirements of safety and environmental management into the daily management of the department, and form a good management mechanism by carrying out quality and safety month activities to improve the safety and environmental awareness of managers and employees, and strengthen the safety and environmental protection of the department. Line of defense.

Cao Yihai, deputy general manager of the large-scale production system, made a statement on the launch of the Quality Security Month activity. He emphasized that the quality security month activity must focus on the main contradictions and focus on solving historical problems, such as product process public relations and production workshop clearance issues, work handover issues between different shifts or departments, unclear management blind spots or unquantified work standards. He said that all employees must grasp the bottom line, stick to the red line, ensure quality, emphasize safety, have a serious quality and safety atmosphere, clarify standards, and reward and punish laziness. Fully support R&D and sales. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, ensuring supply is the first important job. We will promote cost reduction and efficiency improvement at full speed, eliminate redundancy and waste, and enhance product competitiveness. In addition, during the quality and safety month, we will complete the port Various tasks and objectives issued by the foreign and group.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Xuan put forward two requirements based on the current situation and the arrangement of the QA Month activities.

1. The unity of knowledge and action, thinking first. That is, managers must play the role of "first mover"; follow up on employees' ideological trends in time, do a good job in employee ideological work through different forms of activities, fully establish employees' sense of ownership, and improve their sense of belonging and identity. All employees must unify their thinking, strengthen their responsibilities, and take the courage to shoulder them; aim at the prominent contradictions and problems currently faced, and lay a solid foundation for development.

2. Continue to improve team coordination and combat capabilities. The person in charge of each department must firmly establish the overall view, and earnestly implement the work style of “helping the horse and sending it off”, and the departments must work together to seamlessly connect their work and prevent invalid waiting. In addition, it is necessary to increase the awareness of service and support, and make bright spots and innovations in how to do a good job of internal services and external services; R&D, supply, and support for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

President Xuan hopes that all employees will thoroughly implement the quality and safety month activity plan, truly implement this activity, push forward various tasks, and strive to improve the management level and promote corporate management to a higher level.