Yangzijiang pharmaceutical group forty-third sichuan hairong haihui thirtieth "quality brand, safety and environmental protection month" mobilization meeting was held as scheduled


On February 28th, the new epidemic prevention and control, to ensure market supply is very period, the Yangtze river pharmaceutical group 43 times sichuan sea rong hui 30th "brand security environmental protection quality month" mobilization meeting in hai rong, sea sinks, Kim jung synchronous video meeting, general manager and supervisor level above personnel all take part in various functional departments, in addition, Some of those still in quarantine also participated by videoconference.

With the theme of "epidemic prevention and control first, quality and brand first, safety and environmental protection first, and supply guarantee first", the event aims to implement the instructions of the CPC Central Committee, Party committees and governments at all levels, improve awareness and skills of epidemic prevention and control, ensure the supply of epidemic prevention drugs, and resolutely fight the battle of epidemic prevention and control. Enhance the sense of crisis, urgency and responsibility of all staff, continuously improve the awareness of quality, brand, safety and environmental protection, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere. We should pay close attention to the practical work, solve the practical problems in the process of development, promote the completion of various tasks of enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

The meeting required that managers at all levels should unify their thinking, strengthen their responsibilities and have the courage to take responsibility during the emergency period. We should have an in-depth understanding of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the existing pharmaceutical market situation, and the safety and environmental protection supervision situation, and carry out all work in an orderly manner according to the vision and strategy of the enterprise and the responsibilities of the department. The heads of all departments are the first responsible persons. They should focus on the purpose, theme and requirements of this activity, proceed from the overall situation, and combine the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control and enterprise operation to organize the planning work of their departments.

The meeting publicizes and fulminates the activity plan of this quality brand safety and environmental protection month, elaborates the theme, purpose and main activity arrangement of the activity in detail. The quality control department and SHE department respectively explained in detail the activity arrangement of quality brand and safety and environmental protection module.

Zhang Bian, head of Hairong Quality Management Department, said that in the special period of epidemic prevention and control, we should follow the requirements of not reducing task objectives, not reducing quality, and achieving work objectives, and carry out self-examination and self-correction work in accordance with the Production Quality Inspection Plan during the "Quality Brand Safety and Environmental Protection Month". To do a good job in the implementation of the newly revised Drug Administration Law and the training of business skills and knowledge; In view of the weak points, the international standard to actively carry out the quality management system improvement work; At the same time, other non-production quality departments should also be oriented to solve practical problems, according to the latest policies, regulations and requirements as well as the shortcomings and weaknesses existing in the management process, formulate improvement and rectification plans, so as to achieve legal compliance, political accuracy and smooth business. All departments are encouraged to use online methods to hold various forms of knowledge contests and skill contests based on improving the skills of all staff and solving practical problems, so as to promote the overall improvement of quality brand management level.

SHE part of the tube head bang on security environmental protection module work arrangement has carried on the detailed explanation, he said, the disease control during the sea rong hui their management should be in a good state, to provide strong guarantee to win the epidemic prevention and control to be completed, to formulate during epidemic control and the safety of the special plan, and strictly enforced, to ensure the safe and stable operation, the pollutant discharging standard. We will strictly implement the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and build a dual prevention mechanism for safety management. Grasp the weak links, identify the main problems, take effective measures to accelerate the short board, such as, improve the full SHE responsibility system construction, promote the implementation of corporate main responsibility, comprehensive standardization of hazardous waste management; Goal-oriented, continue to push forward the replacement work of the new version of "pollution discharge permit", to ensure that Hairong Haihui completes the replacement work in advance as required.

At the end of the meeting, the general manager of the company put forward higher requirements for the work of quality brand safety and environmental protection month under the current situation. He asked us to make unremitting efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, strictly manage the closed personnel, do a good job of quarantine observation of newly returned workers, and adhere to health tests. We must do a good job of disinfection and personal protection, and we must not be careless or bring chaos to the country during the critical period of the epidemic. At the same time, in the special period of epidemic prevention and control, as a pharmaceutical company, it is our social responsibility to ensure people's drug use. Therefore, we should do our best to ensure market supply and orderly development of production and operation. He hoped that the heads of all departments should attach great importance to it and carry out related work in strict accordance with the activity plan of the month of quality and security, and all staff should work together to complete all the work beyond expectations.