The 14th session of the 119 fire sports meeting of Hai Rong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


In order to improve the awareness of fire safety of all employees, enhance the ability of fire prevention and self-rescue of employees, let employees master the basic escape skills, effectively prevent and reduce fire accidents, on November 8, 2019, the 14th "119" Fire Games of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Sichuan Hairong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Yuan Jiang, the general administrative assistant of the company, and the persons in charge of all functional departments of Hairong participated in this activity. More than 100 employees from various departments of Hairong and Hairong participated in the competition.

The fire sports meeting includes four events, 50m personal hose connection, 100m safe evacuation of items, 4x100m load relay race and 100m competitive fire fighting. The project is divided into individual items and group competition, which helps to improve the interest and extensive participation, so that more employees can participate personally and truly master the knowledge of fire fighting. At 13:30 in the afternoon, under the leadership of Ma Qiang, the captain of the police team, all the people who participated in the fire sports meeting lined up in order to listen carefully to the process and rules of the game.

In the arena, employees from different departments were divided into 10 teams to compete with each other. 4 × 100 meters load relay, 100 meters load race, 100 meters competition fire fighting, 50 meters water belt connection and other links, the employees have a tacit cooperation, calm, calm, agile. All the competitors have high morale, full of passion, to face the difficulties, fully carry forward the tenacious struggle, the spirit of striving to be the first, the competition has achieved results, the competition out of the style. The whole sports meeting was orderly and clear, and the close cooperation between all the members made the whole activity a complete success.

Through this fire sports meeting, fully displayed the positive, hard work and enterprising spirit of the employees, trained the employees to help each other and fight side by side in an emergency, mobilized the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in and support the fire work, and improved the ability of self-rescue and scientific escape of the employees.