To be the pioneer of green pharmacy-Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group fulfills its responsibility for safety and environmental protection


There are green grass and camphor trees; gurgling water and fresh air. Entering the Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, ecological pictures showing harmony and beauty are slowly unfolding. Here is a vivid portrayal of Yangzijiang people's practice of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains".

As a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has always adhered to the path of "ecology first and green development", adhered to the sincere feelings of "people first, life first", fulfilled corporate social responsibility, and made a good ecological environment a growth for the company's high-quality development The point becomes the driving force to show the beautiful image of the company.

From the political height, grasp the safety and environmental protection

In Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, safety and environmental protection are no small matter. As early as the end of the 20th century, they took quality, safety and environmental protection as the three cornerstones of corporate development. In recent years, combined with the safety production accidents that have occurred in the industry, they have deeply analyzed and reflected, kept the alarm bells ringing, and constantly carried out self-revolution from political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness, and established the development concept of safety first and ecological priority. Stronger.

At the beginning of 2019, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group established a high-quality development strategy of “four in one” of quality, brand, safety, and environmental protection, and upgraded the twice-a-year “Quality Month” to “Quality Brand·Safety and Environmental Protection Month”. Environmental protection has risen to a height that is as important as quality, and management has been further strengthened from the five aspects of management team, system construction, safety and environmental investment, clean production, and emergency management.

"Management of business must be of safety and environmental protection." Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has established a safety and environmental management committee led by the chairman and general manager, and implements the top-level responsibility system. The responsible persons of all functional departments and subsidiaries are members of the committee. They are conducted at various levels, compacted and compacted, and strictly implement corporate safety. The main responsibility of environmental protection.

In addition, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has also established a safety and environmental protection department as the organizer, promoter and supporter of the group's safety, occupational health and environmental protection (SHE) work to help subsidiaries find and solve problems, and improve SHE management. This department conducts 4 rounds of comprehensive audits and assistance to each subsidiary every year, and releases audit and assistance reports. In addition to discovering the safety and environmental protection issues in the work, it also gives specific laws and regulations corresponding to each issue, suggestions for rectification measures, and prevention mechanisms to help the subsidiaries solve the problems.

At the same time, the group has also established an unannounced inspection mechanism, drawing on the "four no two direct" approach established by the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China, unscheduled unannounced inspections of subsidiaries and sampling and testing of waste water and exhaust gas. "We took the inspectors without saying hello, and went straight to the waste water and exhaust gas discharge outlets for sampling and testing. The inspection indicators must exceed the indicators in the environmental assessment approval. At the same time, the group has set stricter internal control standards than the national standards to ensure that the emissions meet the standards. The goal achieved is 4 zeros, namely zero pollution, zero defects, zero violations, and zero accidents." Director Yin Chenglong of the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection introduced.

"As a pharmaceutical company, the mission of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group is to'seeking progress and protecting all beings.' Protecting the environment is the company's greatest social responsibility. We must not sacrifice the environment for economic benefits and leave a green hill for future generations. Green water." In the eyes of the managers of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, the company should not only be responsible to all employees, provide a safe working environment, and protect the physical and mental health of employees, but also be responsible to the people, society and the country, and continue to protect the common home of mankind. .

Source governance, build a dual prevention mechanism

Preventive investment is the most effective and economical investment strategy. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group integrates the SHE management process into various main business processes, so that the company can consider SHE as a whole at every node in the main business process, and in the development of new products, project planning and design, equipment procurement and personnel training, support At the stage of certification and work, we strive to take safety and environmental protection work into place and invest in it.

By establishing a dual prevention mechanism for safety management, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has realized the advancement of safety management gates, precise management and scientific prevention, which has improved the company's overall safety production prevention and control capabilities and effectively prevented the occurrence of safety accidents.

The first is risk control. Based on the identification and control of safety risks, the Group systematically identifies, evaluates, grades, and controls all safety risks from the source, and strives to control various risks within an acceptable range to eliminate and reduce hidden accidents.

The second way is the investigation and management of hidden dangers. Using hidden hazard investigation and management as a means, we will carefully investigate possible deficiencies, loopholes and risk control failure links that may occur in the risk management and control process, and resolutely eliminate hidden hazards before the accident occurs. The investigation and management of hidden dangers is omni-directional and multi-level. The company has formulated the "Safety Production Accident Investigation and Governance Management SOP". The types of hidden danger investigation in the SOP mainly include comprehensive hidden danger investigation and management, major festivals and before holidays, and hidden danger investigation and management. Seasonal hidden dangers investigation and management, accident analogue investigation and management, professional (special) hidden danger investigation and management, daily hidden danger investigation and management, etc.

In the view of the management of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, the dual prevention mechanism can enable enterprises to realize self-identification and self-control of safety risks and self-inspection and autonomy of hidden dangers, and enhance the overall prevention and control capabilities of the company’s safety production.

Green pharmacy, strictly abide by the ecological and environmental protection red line

Practice has proved that to engage in economic construction without environmental protection is "fishing from exhaustion," and to pursue environmental protection without economic development is "seeking fish for nothing." If uncontrolled consumption of resources and damage to the environment are exchanged for economic development, it will inevitably seriously affect sustainable economic development.

In terms of pollution control, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group fully implements the concept of cleaner production, firmly establishes the concept of ecological red line, and actively adopts the management concept of "source prevention, process control, and end treatment".

In terms of prevention at the source, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group fully implements the concept of cleaner production, selects a green process synthesis route, and uses non-toxic, harmless or low-toxic and low-harm raw materials.

In terms of process control, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group requires that all construction projects must be cleaned and separated, and rain and sewage should be separated. The sewage pipe network of the newly-built project is all open-piped design, and enclosed production equipment and pipelines are used to transport materials.

At the same time, the group classifies and collects the raw material medicine wastewater generated in the production process, realizes the classification of waste and liquid, and separates treatment according to single-component and multi-component, reduces the processing pressure of the sewage treatment system and the difficulty of waste liquid disposal, and realizes precise treatment. Sewage. The group also adopts leak detection and repair technology to detect the use, transportation or storage devices of materials involving volatile organic compounds to ensure safety.

In terms of terminal treatment, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group strengthened the quality management of sewage treatment facilities, operated and maintained sewage treatment facilities in strict accordance with SOP requirements, and selected advanced domestic and foreign pollutant treatment technologies and facilities to achieve lower discharge concentrations. Taking particulate matter emissions as an example, the national legal emission concentration is 20 mg/m3, while Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group controls it within 15 mg/m3.

Jiangsu Haici Biopharmaceutical Industry is the raw material medicine production base of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group. There, a sewage treatment station with a daily sewage treatment capacity of 1,000 tons is operating efficiently. More than 100 fully enclosed tanks are arranged as a whole, with automatic data collection and real-time monitoring.

The traditional sewage treatment system collects all kinds of waste water from production into a waste water tank, and then processes it step by step. In this way, the initial is simple, the subsequent treatment is more complicated, the sewage pressure is high, and the control is difficult. Haci Pharmaceuticals took a different approach, analyzing 224 water samples and grouping them into 4 categories for targeted treatment.

"Our sewage treatment is to collect and dispose of waste water first, and then intensively conduct secondary treatment. The effect of sewage treatment, the stability of indicators, and the economy have been significantly improved." Ma Zhenqian, general manager of Heci Pharmaceuticals, said.

Within the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, there are many such examples. With the help of the SHE management concept, the company's safety and environmental protection has realized a strategic shift from passive coping to active protection, from traditional experience-based to modern high-tech, and from single management to three-dimensional control.

Looking at the historical "transcripts", Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group is a practitioner of the "Two Mountains Theory" and has successively won honorary titles such as "Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Advanced Enterprise" and "Jiangsu Province Environmentally Friendly Enterprise". In 2019, in the "Environmental Protection Award 2019" organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group became the only company in Jiangsu Province that won both the "Green Enterprise Management Award 2019" and the "Environmental Social Responsibility Enterprise 2019" awards at the same time. .

Asked how could it be so clear, for the source of fresh water. Green is the bottom line. On the road of high-quality development, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group continues to inject "green energy" and draws a beautiful ecological picture of blue sky, green ground and clear water, and contributes to the construction of "beautiful China" and "healthy China". New contributions have been made.

Manuscript source: Zhang Xiaodong Health News 6th Edition 2020-9-25