Hailong Pharmaceutical won the title of "AAAAA Model Harmonious Labor Relations Unit in Chengdu"


Recently, coordinate labor relations tripartite committee of chengdu printed on the release of the second model of harmonious labor relations unit list notice of chengdu, sichuan hai rong pharmaceutical co., LTD., was identified as "AAAAA level model of harmonious labor relations unit" of chengdu, 5 a-class title is chengdu can obtain the highest level of labor relations of the honorary title.

For a long time, Sichuan Hairong has actively played the role of labor relations consultation and coordination mechanism, strictly implemented the enterprise staff congress, factory affairs open democratic management system, fully protect the basic rights and interests of employees in labor contract, labor remuneration, vocational training, occupational safety and health protection and other aspects. Care for employees, and strive to create a comfortable office environment, a comfortable living environment and a harmonious working atmosphere for employees; Organize a variety of cultural and sports activities, provide a large number of training opportunities, broaden the space for career development... Protect the rights and interests, let the staff work at ease; Listen to the heart, let employees do comfortable; Care about cold and warm, let employees do happy. Hairong Pharmaceutical integrates the personal development of each employee with the high-quality development of the enterprise: strengthen the training of employees, optimize the talent ecology; Do real incentive guarantee, burst enthusiasm; To do the best employee support, feedback the development of the enterprise, and strive to build a standardized, orderly, fair and reasonable, mutual benefit and win-win, harmonious and stable labor relations, and the harmonious labor relations into a booster for the development of the enterprise, actively contribute to the healthy development of the economy and society.

Future, hai rong pharmaceutical industry will further promote the creation of harmonious labor relations, condensed the general staff, always adhere to the "pharmaceutical, for the parents as relatives pharmaceutical" quality culture, while to ensure drug quality and market supply, continuously explore innovation, steady development, solve social employment, increasing staff income and living standards, promote social stability and contributions to local economic prosperity!