Hairong and Haihui Pharmaceuticals were awarded as "Second-level Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization"


A few days ago, the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department announced (No. 71 of 2020) that Sichuan Hairong and Haihui Pharmaceuticals passed the review and were identified as "Second-level Enterprises of Safety Production Standardization" and awarded medals and certificates.

The review of “Second-level Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization” is the provisions of the Provincial Emergency Management Department in accordance with the “Notice of the State Council on Further Strengthening Enterprise Safety Work” and the “Guiding Opinions of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Work Safety Committee on Carrying out Enterprise Safety Production Standardization” , The authoritative certification conducted by the company's independent creation, self-evaluation, and strict evaluation by the evaluation expert group.

In order to consolidate the foundation of enterprise safety production, improve the level of safety management, and realize the standardization, standardization and scientificization of safety production, since 2018, Hairong and Haihui have started the establishment of safety standardization system construction, from organizational structure, staffing, system Construction, hidden danger investigation and management, hazard source identification, education and training, etc., strengthened the basic safety management, implemented the safety production responsibility system, formulated annual safety production goals, from the general manager to the grassroots employees, and signed SHE goals at all levels Responsibility certificate, and incorporate the safety and environment module into the monthly performance appraisal of all employees, so that all employees are responsible for SHE work, everyone is responsible, and "one post has two responsibilities".

Since 2020, in order to achieve high-quality development of the company, Hairong and Haihui have taken active actions to vigorously carry out basic compliance rectification, hidden danger investigation and rectification activities, and make rectification work the top priority of the company’s continuous improvement. Through hard work, in October this year, it passed the on-site review and acceptance by the expert group of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, and was finally awarded the "Second-level Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization".

Work safety is a long-term work that always accompanies the production and operation of the enterprise. Hairong and Haihui will use this as an opportunity to further strengthen and implement various basic work of safety management, continuous improvement, and benchmarking to improve safety. Production management promotes the safe, stable and sustainable development of the company's production and operations.