[July 1 Basketball League] "basketball" can not live with enthusiasm


In order to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party, the hairong party branch and the emergency management bureau of dujiangyan city organized a fierce "July 1" basketball fraternities in the hairong basketball court on the afternoon of July 1.

Before the activity began, the relevant leaders of the emergency management department visited the corporate culture of Hairong and had an in-depth exchange on the party building work carried out by both sides.

After visiting the corporate culture, the two basketball teams entered the competition. Under the leadership of the leaders of each match, the two basketball teams dressed in uniform and looked like a rainbow. During the competition, the teams of both sides fully carried forward the sports spirit of "Higher, Faster and Stronger", united with sincerity, fought tenaciously and fought bravely to be the first. On the field, the players of both sides run actively, fight fiercely, defend steady, tacit cooperation, break through the ball, inside the strong play, clever steal, rapid counterattack, three-point shooting and other wonderful actions are inordinate, high morale, skilled technology, tacit cooperation, accurate shooting, from time to time to win bursts of applause; Outside the stadium, the crowd's cheerleading team is enthusiastic, and actively cheer for their teams. Cheering and Shouting make the atmosphere of the scene rise and fall, heating up continuously.

The whole process of the game is wonderful and inspiring. It really shows the basketball players' spirit of advocating honor, fighting for the first class, uniting and fighting, and daring to win. Finally, the Dujiangyan emergency team to 46:31 scored the victory of the friendly match.

Through this game, not only active company worker life style of party members, enhance the collective sense of honor, improve the party's cohesive force and appeal, show the company party spirit, enhance communication companies and government departments at the same time, in the friendly exchange of passion collision, harvest is not only two players on the pitch stirring and competition experience, the more is met by a group of new friends, Gained trust and friendship, for the two sides in the future closer cooperation has laid a good foundation.