Sichuan Hairong and Haihui organized a meeting to summarize and review the work in 2020


June 9th, Yangzijiang pharmaceutical group sichuan hairong, haihui pharmaceutical industry in the middle of the year work summary review meeting was held in haihui. Xuanwei, general manager of the company, and Yuan Jiang, general assistant of administration attended the meeting. The meeting aims at summarizing and reflecting on the work of each department in the first half of the year and making arrangements for the work in the second half of the year. At the same time, it objectively and justly evaluates the governing ability, business ability and management ability of the management cadres of all departments of the company, so as to provide a platform for them to show themselves and learn from each other.

General Xuan pointed out that in the first half of this year, the profit completion rate of sea rong and other subsidiaries of the group is far away, the current situation is grim, in order to get out of the predicament, we must "grasp both hands", one hand grasp the traditional medicine business, one hand grasp the new business, adhere to the two legs to walk, in order to walk more stable!

The large-scale production system should attach great importance to cost reduction, efficiency improvement and quantification, such as accelerating the promotion of automation projects, promoting the introduction of key material suppliers for use and preparation, and carrying out the disposal of idle materials; Pay attention to the safety inventory, the source of procurement, to eliminate the material scrap caused by unreasonable procurement; The technical department should carry out the verification work as a whole to ensure the rationality of the verification and the success rate of the first time. To strengthen the training of management personnel, recognize the status quo, continue to carry out benchmarking improvement, such as inventory optimization, record integration and optimization, site positioning, lean production and so on. We will advance two major engineering projects and two new Chinese medicine projects in the second half of the year in an orderly manner. To coordinate and promote the implementation of the version of the Drug Administration Law and supporting regulations, to ensure the smooth implementation of the version of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and to do a good job in planning and deployment.

At the end of the SHE6SHE meeting, General Manager Xuan stressed that management cadres should take the overall situation into consideration and make suggestions for the long-term development of the enterprise. The more difficult the situation is, the more they should move forward bravely. Each management cadre in the management of subordinates, to more empathy, help them to analyze the reasons for mistakes, to have the spirit of sharing the joys and sorrows with subordinates, at the same time, to more positive incentives, to tolerance but must not be partial, especially for serious mistakes to resolutely clear out the team, do not associate with them. In short, our team should be tightly knit, twisted into a rope, heart to think in the same place, energy to work in the same place, in order to concentrate on accomplishing great things! I hope all the management cadres do not talk about how many things done, to talk more about how many things done, seriously summarize, rapid layout and implementation, the thought into action, for the company's sales and profit growth to contribute to the growth.