Yangzijiang pharmaceutical group forty-fourth sichuan hairong haihui thirty-first "quality brand, safety and environmental protection month" mobilization conference was successfully held


In the complex and severe situation at home and abroad and the key period of the "13th Five Year Plan", in order to respond to the call of the group, and constantly improve the quality of brand, safety and environmental protection management level, on August 29, Sichuan Hairong Haihui thirty-first "Quality Brand · Safety and Environmental Protection Month" mobilization conference was held simultaneously in Hairong, Haihui and JinRong. Xuanwei, general manager of the company, heads of functional departments, directors, and key staff more than 160 people attended the meeting.

This activity is to "adhere to the problem, goal and result oriented, enhance the development momentum!" "Is the theme, aimed to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council and all levels of Party committees, the government instruction spirit, to grasp, grasp the real, fine quality brand, safety and environmental protection work. Enhance the sense of crisis, urgency and responsibility of all staff, continuously improve the awareness of quality brand, safety and environmental protection, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere; Discover, analyze and solve the practical problems in the development process, promote the completion of various tasks of the enterprise, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

The meeting required that managers at all levels should unify their thinking, strengthen their responsibilities and have the courage to take responsibility. To deeply understand the medicine market and ehs regulatory situation, to do a good job of technical research, practice the SHE management idea of "prevention first", to carry out the new "law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste for the promotion work, according to the requirements of 5 w1h rectification plan, improve personnel basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills, various forms at the same time do a good job in publicity work, Create an atmosphere where everyone cares about quality, brand, safety, environmental protection and continuous improvement.

The meeting publicizes and fulminates the activity plan of this quality brand safety and environmental protection month, elaborates the theme, purpose and main activity arrangement of the activity in detail. The quality control department and SHE department respectively explained in detail the activity arrangement of quality brand and safety and environmental protection module. Subsequently, the manufacturing department, the logistics department, the technical department, the quality control department, the equipment engineering department, respectively came to power on the quality of the month activities to carry out a position.

Zhang Bian, the director of Hairong Quality Management Department, said that in the critical period of the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, all departments should carry out work in line with the requirements of not reducing goals, not reducing quality and achieving work, so as to ensure the completion of the 2020 company-level contract agreement and the goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan. All departments, especially the large production system, should focus on the problem of products, quality, supply problems to carry out technical breakthroughs, focus on market analysis, lay a solid foundation for development. Actively do a good job in the implementation of the 2020 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and the training of business skills and knowledge. In addition, other non-production quality departments should also be oriented to solve practical problems and formulate improvement and rectification plans according to the latest policies, regulations and requirements as well as the shortcomings and weaknesses existing in the management process, so as to achieve legal compliance, political accuracy and smooth business. All departments are encouraged to use online methods to hold various forms of knowledge contests and skill contests based on improving the skills of all staff and solving practical problems, so as to promote the overall improvement of quality brand management level.

Qian Xiaojian, minister of the SHE department, explained in detail the work arrangement of the safety and environmental protection module. He said that during the period of quality and security, we should keep up with the pace of the policy and carry out the "national safety production special rectification three-year action plan" and the "list of key matters for enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production" on the target promotion work; Implement the main responsibility; Carry out the rectification of the problems found in the first stage of the SHE responsibility system; To carry out the double prevention mechanism of safety management to check and fill gaps and acceptance work; Continue to carry out the summer hidden trouble investigation and management; Investigation of hidden dangers of major production safety accidents; Carry out the calibration and upgrading work of the new Solid Waste Law, and constantly consolidate the foundation of solid waste management; Adhere to the "prevention first", carry out the source prevention promotion work; Cooperate with the group to do the work of EHS module climate index.

At the end of the meeting, General Manager Xuan put forward the requirements for the work of Quality Brand, Safety and Environmental Protection Month under the current situation. He asked all staff must be unified thinking, deeply aware of the "quality brand, safety and environmental protection" month of the importance and necessity of activities. The activity is not a movement, but a phased summary of the year-round work improvement and solid progress. All departments should lay a solid foundation and carry out related work centering on quality brand, safety and environmental protection. To thoroughly implement the quality of the month activity plan, this activity really put into practice, solid and steady progress in the work, and strive to improve the level of management, and strive to the end of the 13th five years, promote enterprise management to a higher level!