Our mission is to shoulder the responsibility and forge ahead to promote development -- the signing ceremony of the medical device project contract agreement of Haihui Pharmaceutical Group in 2020 was held


To further stimulate the medical team work enthusiasm, improve team cohesion and sense of mission, promote the development of the medical devices sector business steadily, November 13, 2019 morning, sichuan hai hui pharmaceutical group has carried out 2020 medical device project contracting agreement signing ceremony, general manager and the medical equipment department members to attend.

In 2019, the reform of China's pharmaceutical industry has entered the deep water zone. A series of policies, such as 47 expansion, consistency evaluation, medical insurance cost control, DRGS, and two-ticket system, have been implemented, which are both opportunities and challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. Change has come, and embracing change is the key for enterprises to win the future. In the face of difficulties, the company seized the opportunity, increased the layout of emerging industries, and actively expanded the cause of medical equipment, and achieved good results. On August 16 this year, the company passed the on-site inspection of medical equipment production quality management system with "zero defect". On October 9, it obtained the registration certificate of "disposable digestive tract zebra guide wire". On November 6, it obtained the production license... At present, all the projects under development are progressing satisfactorily.

At the signing ceremony, the general manager said that the medical device industry is a sunrise industry. With the support of national policies and the technical development and industrial upgrading of the medical device industry, it will have a good development prospect in the future. In 2020, the medical device business division should shoulder the heavy responsibility, strengthen the team building, actively expand the blood, enhance their sense of responsibility, sense of mission, and strive to do a good job in the research and development of medical devices, and strive to achieve more encouraging results in 2020, and make greater contributions to the development of the company.