Enter the medical equipment, Yangzijiang pharmaceutical big health layout and the next city!


Thinking determines the way out, and innovation leads the development. Faced with the influence of policies such as consistency evaluation and procurement with quantity, Sichuan Haihui Pharmaceutical Group of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group changed its thinking, seized the opportunity, and quickly laid out new fields while deeply plying the field of medicine, and sounded the clarion call to enter the medical devices. At present, Haihui has obtained 5 registration certificates of medical device products, covering gastroenterology, urology, anesthesia and other fields.

Exterior view of Sichuan Haihui Pharmaceutical Co

Quick layout, from "0" to "1" transition

In September 2018, the Medical Device Division of Sichuan Haihui Pharmaceutical Group of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group was formally established. In order to accelerate the pace of development, the company hired professional and technical personnel at a high salary to improve the talent echelon and the construction of knowledge system. On the other hand to speed up the layout medical equipment research and development and the construction preparation workshop, in less than four months, medical instrument workshop has completed the water, electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning systems and equipment installation and debugging, field position, etc., in March 2019, the workshop officially put into use, from construction to certification, in less than eight months, The medical device workshop once passed the on-site inspection of Sichuan medical device production quality management system.

"It is not easy to pass the on-site inspection at one time, which is an incentive for us," said Li Haoyu, head of medical equipment. According to our research, at present, the national health consciousness constantly improve, self health care consciousness gradually enhanced, the new medical reform policy for medical devices industry more gave more fully the importance and development of space, the medical equipment market development is rapid, broad prospects for development, in this case, we move into the field of medical equipment, with strict quality control and production management requirements, To provide quality medical equipment for clinical use, to ensure the safety of patients."

After more than one year of development, Haihui has obtained 5 medical device product registration certificates, covering gastroenterology, urology and anesthesiology. The team members have been expanded from 3 people at the beginning to 32 people now. The improvement of the talent echelon will be the most powerful booster for the development of medical devices.

Based on the high-end, promote the deep development of medical device industry

"In the long term, our entry into the medical device sector is mainly to position high-end medical device consumables. "Li Haoyu believes that in clinical practice, high-end medical device consumables are still occupied by imported products, and import substitution has always been the direction of domestic device research and development companies. Yangzijiang has been deeply engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 50 years, and has accumulated a large number of clinicians' demands for product improvement, so it is a natural step to develop innovative products. On the other hand, the combination products are recommended by a large number of doctors, but it is difficult to be approved. Yangzijiang, as a pharmaceutical enterprise, has an innate advantage in the development of combination products.

According to the introduction, planning short -, medium - and long-term product lines, and gradually and deeply expanding the field of medical devices, Yangzijiang has done a lot of work. In November 2019, the Medical Device Division set up an investigation team to attend the Dusseldorf Medical Exhibition in Germany, to negotiate projects, investigate advanced technologies and equipment, seek strategic cooperation and expand international vision. In order to better introduce and retain talents, at the beginning of 2020, Sichuan Haihui set up a medical device research and development center in Guangzhou, making full use of the local advantages of resources, attracting high-end talents at home and abroad, and improving its scientific research strength.

It is expected that in the next three years, Haihui Medical Devices will increase its research and development efforts in cardiovascular intervention, orthopedics and other fields, and launch a series of highly competitive products. In the next 5 to 7 years, Yangzijiang will have a deep layout in the frontier equipment fields such as medical devices, nerve interventional, structural heart disease, etc., to connect the two veins of medicine and equipment, and establish a comprehensive product business system.

The staff is conducting a visual examination on the samples

Fight against the epidemic, quickly put into production medical N95 masks

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic spread rapidly across the country, and epidemic prevention materials were in short supply. In order to help the national epidemic prevention and control, under the leadership of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Haihui Pharmaceutical Company resolutely attacked and quickly switched to the production of medical N95 masks.

On February 4th, Haihui called on management cadres, all members of the medical equipment team, production and technical backbone to form a medical mask production team. In just 5 days, a medical N95 mask production line was installed, tested and put into trial production in the Haihui medical equipment production workshop. At the same time, process verification, sample testing, registration application, production license application and other related work were carried out simultaneously. On February 25, Haihui obtained the registration certificate and production license of medical devices for the production of medical protective masks.

Sichuan Haihui Pharmaceutical N95 Medical Mask Production Line

At present, Haihui is working overtime 24 hours a day to produce masks and put the medical N95 masks "made in Chengdu" into the front line of COVID-19 epidemic prevention at the fastest speed, making contributions to the victory of the epidemic in Chengdu, Sichuan Province and even the whole country.

For Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, the existing pharmaceutical industry resources, high-quality brand effect, rich management experience in large-scale manufacturing, and strong resource support are the most effective empowering for medical devices. It is believed that entering the field of medical devices will enhance the core competitiveness of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical in an all-round way. (Photo/Wang Yan)